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Flatiron Classics

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2nd Edition
  1. The City of Boulder closed the Gregory Amphitheater (page 47) to climbing in the spring of 2009. The seasonal closure runs from February 1st, 2009 through July 31st, 2009. All sides of the First, Second and Third Pinnacles are closed, but the Fourth Pinnacle and Gregory Flatironette are open. The Amphitheater Trail is open, but the entire Amphitheater Express Trail is closed. The Amphitheater was open to climbing throughout 2008. Please contact the City of Boulder for the hard science that led to the 2009 closure. As always, check for closures before climbing in the Flatirons.

  2. Amphitheater’s South Pinnacle

    This overlooked pinnacle is 200 yards south of the Gregory Amphitheater and the Amphitheater Trail. It’s redeeming feature is that it is out of the Amphitheater closure area. The pinnacle is part of a rotten, incoherent ridge that extends south uphill toward the First Flatiron. The pinnacle has surprisingly high and steep east and west faces. For the easiest route to the summit, leave the Amphitheater Trail adjacent to the entrance of the Amphitheater and hike 200 yards south to a saddle on the ridge south of the summit. Scramble 120 feet north near or on the increasingly spectacular ridge to the summit (exposed Class 3). From this summit, you have a great view of the Amphitheater and Saddle Rock.

  3. Amphitheater Fourth Pinnacle – Route 271 East Face 5.6 S
    The old bolt ladder referenced on page 67 has been replaced by a single new bolt near the top of the south facing wall. You can clip this bolt while leading the East Face Route.
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